Testimonials and Sharings

  • God Has Become My Father

    Testimony of Wendy Kwong I have always grown up going to church since I was little. I was told that it was my dad that had brought us to new hope but I’m not really sure if that’s the truth. But I’ve been at New Hope and now LBCB since I was born. I remember going to VBS in first grade and accepting Christ. Just learning about how he died for our sins and how God forgives all if sincere. I dedicated my life to Christ that day not knowing that I was going to hit some bumps along the way. My father had passed away when I was about 1 ½ years old from lung cancer. This knowledge I wasn’t aware of until I was in about 4th grade. I think I never really understood when my mom told me he isn’t around anymore. I just thought he was on a very long business trip or something. But when I found out I was broken. I was angry with God for taking away my biological father. I didn’t understand why I was the one to not have a father. Why wasn’t it someone else? I never got to know my father and I felt cheated. So, I turned away from God. I became a rebel. Man, I drove my mom crazy. I did whatever she didn’t want me to do and more. I didn’t fall into drugs or alcohol luckily but it was still hard for me.  I would stay our late and hang out with friends she didn’t’ like. I was yell and slam doors. I was definitely not the “good child”. The good child had always been my brother. I had all this anger for God and didn’t understand him that I just need a way to let it out. ...

  • The Significance of What We Do Through Christ

    The greatest book ever written is the Bible. Yet, not many people have read it from front cover to back. It not only provides the genealogy of people from the time of Adam and Eve to the time of Jesus, but it is a manuscript about life. The Bible teaches us the principles of daily living and illustrates about the rise and fall of man during difficult circumstances that arise. As a believer in Christ, I trust the Bible was written not only to provide information and stories but was inspired and written through God so we may come closer in experiencing Him and become significant in his planning throughout time. God indicated that there will be the book of life where it will reveal who will be in eternity. I hope we all, by His grace and mercy, be indicated in that book.