Web Site Instructions (for Staff Only)


  • Instructions to update weekly bulletin:
  1. Go to http://lagunabaptist.org/wp-login.php
  2. Login with the info that your adminsitrator has emailed you. If you don’t have a password yet, please ask your site administrators.
  3. After login, go to Posts → find the bulletin and update the information. Note that the format of the content may be messed up after you paste from a word doc. You probably need to open the word doc with another word processor and save it as plain text first. Then you copy and past the plain text into the content area.
  4. Update Title and content.
  5. Under Excerpt, enter the first few lines of the Builletin. This short excerpt is shown up on the home page with read more link.
  6. Check “Announcements” in the Categories, then click Publish or Update. You may want to update the publish date to current time. Setting it at a later time will show an empty block on the page because you are asking the site to publish it at a later time. So in most case, you probably want to update the publish date to current time as you are posting it.
  7. Now you are ready to add the Chinese version: Click “Add New” link in the Language box on the right.
  8. Then do the same as in step 3 to 5. The chinese name for categories should be checked because you have set it when you enter the English version.
  9. Click Publish or update.
  10. You can see your posts in the All Posts screen, you can click view to see it.
  11. Please go to the web site home page to check if the excerpt of the bulletins show up. Clicking read more should see the full post.


There are two ways that you can choose to maintain this in the future:

Option 1: Keep editing the post you created the first time with the new info from each week’s bulletin (this is the current method)

Option 2: Create a new post every week

Option 2 allows you to archive each week’s bulletins. So please consider if you ever need to go back to see the old bulletins?  If it is not necessary, please consider to use option 1 so that we don’t have so many posts or needing to delete them later.

If you use Option 1, you need to change the publish date when you are in the Edit Post screen. You can find your posts from the “All Posts” screen.