The Significance of What We Do Through Christ

God Size Accomplishment

A selected finance committee was to perform a budget for the church annual plan. Initially, the committee drafted a budget based on what they believe they can provide. They indicated that they did not reflect on the expectation from God to do anything. After much thought about their belief to serve in the finance committee, they prayed and sought God for his will to determine what God wants to do through them. They budgeted the revenue into three groups. The first was to plan what was capable in monetary giving as a church. The second was to validate the other resources promise to help fund the project. The last was to depend on God.

Interestingly, the committee adopted the grand total operating budget and learn a valuable lesson. God intervene and made a way for the budget be completed and beyond. It was a budget at more than twice the amount they had planned. It was a test of faith about what God can provide when they reached a crisis of belief. This lesson was God sized accomplishment. God provided through circumstances and lead people directly and indirectly to experience the greatness that He provides possibilities. This was a God-sized miracle story which influenced the entire church.

We ought to be bold and be confident with an attitude in trusting God. If it is God’s will, we’ll experience a valuable lesson and blessing. My definition about “God-size” is anything beyond our imagination where He makes the difference and possibilities. Just like the example where Jesus fed the thousands who were hungry and tire with only few pieces of bread and two fish. This God-size principle demonstrates how remarkable our Father in heaven can provide.

I am continuously at awe about the God-size work in me. Today, my story is growing deeper in faith even when things seem difficult. When I found out statistically about my stage IV cancer was 3% survival rate, my initial reaction was shock and disbelief. But through the grace of God, I am humble to appreciate what has been given me today. The good Lord has a plan for me and for all who believes. I am given this opportunity to witness to others because of the great experience of God’s love to allow me to encourage others that he can make a way. I believe I am helping others see the possibilities of His greatness. It is a kingdom principle that God impacts and transform lives so we may experience God’s truth. It is beyond my imagination that God has impacted my life so I may be sincere witness to others about His glory and purpose.

We all need to live with greater faith to experience what God is doing in our lives. His work in us is like a big painting on his special canvass where we are part of his grand masterpiece. We need to listen and take action to what He wants us to do because we will experience great joy and accomplishment beyond our understanding. I believe the lives of all believers is part of God’s special painting to show how magnificent his masterpiece is at all time. His painting magnifies his will, miracles and events throughout the existence of mankind and eternity. It’s God size work in us and for his goodness.

During the past years, my wife and I had the opportunity to share with others about our walk with the Lord. As we share about God’s good news in helping those with critical health issues, we have witness God comfort and healing through: broken relationship, discouragement (physical and mental problems), anxiety, unsettled and emotional distress, and the dark side of life. God helped them over come when they surrendered their faith in Him.

Even in our daily routine, there are God-size opportunities and accomplishments to take on. We need to recognize and become aware of our surrounding. Meditate upon where God is leading and step out in faith to affirm it. As we seek closer to understand and experience his will and plan, we will not need to stress over anything because God will perform his God-size work. We just need to become aware through: His words, through prayer, circumstances arises, and confirmation from people around us. Act upon faith and the rest will be reveal by God’s God size work.

“Without Faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those with earnestly seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

Wayne Wong