God Willing, I Will Live and Do This and That

I hear it on the street people say this phrase about “If God willing, I will do this and that”.  Actually this phrase is from the Bible verse of James 4: 14 -15.  14 You do not know about tomorrow.  What is your life like?  For you are a puff of smoke that appears for a short time and then vanishes.  15 You ought to say instead, “If the Lord is willing, then we will live and do this or that.”  I wonder if this catchy phrase really means something to those who don’t know God?  Another common phrase I hear is “life is short”.  How short is it?

This past months has been most remarkable time for me because I was able to see my older boy graduate from middle school and to celebrate his birthday.  I say this because my prior cancer treatment was no longer effective and the cancer had shown aggressive growth.  But God willing, I am part of a clinical trial for experimental drug to control the cancer.  This entire process has been so encouraging because I am alive and continue to enjoy the quality of life.  Second is that I am contributing and helping the doctors in their studies to create the data needed for their research and trial.  And most important of all is that God has shown me that his timing is not by any chance or coincidence but his will, greatness, sovereignty and love for me.  Today, I will live and able to do this and that.

These experiences are miracles from God.  I don’t take it for granted because life in itself always has ups and downs.  Life has interruptions, problems, situations that would cause stress and perhaps even doubts.  We live in a world that is not perfect and therefore we learn to adjust.   But many times, even our adjustment becomes compromised and sacrificed and again we develop new sets of issues.  I am not negative about what life has to bring but the truth is that God already indicated about the sin of man and about the thoughts of man relating to the  uncertainty and pain of this world.

The good news is I am aware.  Life is short.  My adjustment may be very challenging to hang on to dear life, but God willing, I will live another day. We cannot predict or delay what may take place tomorrow.  God wants a personal relationship with you.  When we allow to let go our problems and acknowledge that God can make the difference in our lives is that very moment we begin to live with peace knowing he can make a way when it seems to be no way.

Interestingly, many people who faced adversities and personal challenges are where they grow with confidence to overcome future obstacles because of God’s greatness, assurance and love.  Life is a journey to build upon trusting the Lord and doing his will.  As we continue to live in this world of uncertainty, we really need the Lord to make that difference in our lives.  This is why as believers in Christ Jesus, God’s will lead and guide our future.

The old saying that death and taxes is something we cannot avoid.  The truth is our debt needs to be paid here on earth but the love of Jesus Christ has already paid that price and we can become debt free the next time we see God.

God willing, it is time to share the good news about his greatness and love.  I will do this so he may smile upon me each day.  For he have made another day for me.

God willing, I will live to enjoy the life he has given me until one day it is time to go home.


Wayne Wong