A Different View of the Good Soil

Is life good?  When life is good, we cruise through time.  But when trouble is great, time seems to drag and become difficult. During my six years sharing with people about cancer, I’ve witnessed many who became distracted and came to a halt due to their personal crisis with health issues.  The truth of the matter is that life is far from perfect, problems and unexpected issues arise.  This is a test whether we really trust God during trial time.

Lately, the parable of the good soil has been constantly pressed in my mind.  I want to express my thoughts.  People are like the four soils.  My interpretation is the seed is God’s gift for us to flourish.  The seed is goodness from God.  However, the soil relates to our characteristic of the mind and attitude of our heart.  Here’s my insight:

1) The seeds that fell along the path of the road are those people who wanted to believe they may get better, but they eventually lost sight of it because their mind out weighted their belief that God could do nothing.  Unfortunately, death is the inevitable and the dark force intervened and consumed them. This life of the person is sad and doomed.

2) Seeds that fell along rocky soils are the people who hear encouraging stories of other people’s victory. They get excited about it.  They hope they may get better someday, but due to their own struggle and obstacles, they battle their own mind and lose sight to allow God to make the difference.  These are people who needs encouragement and support from family and friends to lead them back to the Lord.  If we don’t reach out to them, who is accountable? This life of the person has hope and we can make a difference.

3) Then there are the seeds that fall along the thorns of the soil.  The conditions are already cluttered.  These may even be people who go to church, but due to the lack in faith, they chase after different consultations and other practices to search for solutions.  Simply put, they don’t put God be in the driver seat to help them.  They struggle and continue to carry the burden of uncertainty.

This is an opportunity for the church to embrace them and pray with them.  God will make known his truth and provide peace for all who are involved.  This life of a person will come back closer to God and will impact many and even the church will be impacted when the spirit of the truth works in everyone.

4) Lastly, the seed fall onto the good soil is where God perform his greatness for those who continue to believe no matter what goes on with adversity. Many people shared their stories with me of their experience of peace, love and even miracles along with their trials.  The holy spirit intervenes to provide daily sufficient needs.  God promises he will not forsake those who believes in him.  It is this parable of this good soil that we must be strong minded with a positive spirit.  God will lead the way of our personal relationship with him until we breath our last breath.  We will sustain inner strength and not stress over what cannot be control.  God provides everything needed until it is his will for our time.  This life of the person will experience God’s greatest joy and blessings beyond understanding. Many people will see the difference and be impacted in their own lives.

In many ways, our attitude represents all four of the soil at one time or another.  The good soil is where we ought to be to experience true joy even in challenging time and adversity.

The Parable of the Sower – Gospel of Mark chapter 4

Wayne Wong