Journey in Faith and Hope

During my hospital stay in November last year, I coughed blood and created blot clots in my lungs. There will be a day to do something about it.  That day will be the first week of January 2018.  They will surgically remove the cancer along with the lobes of my lung since it has been growing and attached to the parts of the lung.  I remember a thoracic surgeon once told me years ago that my life will be a journey battling cancer problem.  Well, it’s very true from his clinical view.  My journey has been on-going dealing to maintain my health and surviving it.

My brother said something touching and realistic.  He said “When a family member gets cancer, everybody gets cancer in certain extent.”  This sensitive matter touches the hearts of many and the truth is I may not even be aware of the people that were impacted.  I also discover many times people have been praying for me for years and I am just beginning to find out because no one have shared it with me. God has a divine purpose in all of this.  This journey is not all about fighting cancer.  There is a greater insight in this journey.  It’s walking in a path to experience God’s love and his miracles in all circumstances.  Because of what I have gone through, I’ve developed a greater spirit in hope and trusting in Christ Jesus.  For time being, God has provided opportunities for me to reach out to others in encouragement and hope.

During these years I’ve met many people fighting to survive and strive to maintain some quality of life.  The truth of the matter is these striving moments will come and go but it’s vital to get through challenging times.  More importantly, a spiritual battle must be overcome.  We are spiritual beings and we must confide that the Lord is the Lord of All.  My inner and outer strength comes from embracing God’s sovereignty and drawing close to Him. There is no secret.  This is the way to overcome any obstacles.

Through his grace and mercy, the Lord has repeatedly revealed his magnificence and wonderous provision.  God can turn things around.  He can make a way when there seems to be no other way.  When situations seem despair, he is there for the outcome.  All things are possible with God to get us through the journey.

In December, I received some great news beyond my belief because I was told from my prior meeting with my doctor that I may not continue my infusion which is my clinical trial study.  It is this treatment which has kept me alive during this past year.  The clinical departments have their protocols and rules.  The surgery would cause an interruption regarding their data research and study. Therefore, I was told that I had to be removed from this clinical trial.  Here is my testimony.  I fight to live with a positive attitude but I couple my faith in trusting the Lord.  This spiritual journey taught me that God is in control.  He makes the ultimate difference.  In this case, something unexpected happened.  I ran into my program coordinator one day and she expressed that they will continue to administer my medication from clinical trial after the surgery!  Hindsight, it implies I temporarily be relieve from a much vulnerable state for cancer cell to spread because of termination of the drug.  I had no choice of my decision but to do something about the growing tumor.  The rest, I trust God would intervene and he did!  This is true amazing grace!  Thanks God!

Situations may look bleak but God knows the difficulty we go through.  The reality is we have a choice to dwell on the problem or dwell in God.  God knows how things will turn out but we must have faith.  Let go and let God. His Holy Spirit will lead us.  Life is a journey and has intertwining paths.  We need to fill up our void with hope in trusting the Lord.  He will bless us with joy and equip us for the ultimate journey for our future, and eventually, we will be in an eternal future with no more struggles.

Psalm 56:3 “ When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

Wayne Wong