Announcements 7/16/2017

Mark your calendars!
July 18 (9:00am) Senior Gospel Center
July 22 (7:30pm) 180 Cantonese Career Group
July 22 (7:30pm) Elevate College Fellowship
July 23 (12:30pm) Search Committee Q&A
August 5 (9:30am) Basic Auto Maintenance Workshop
August 6 (12:30pm) Special Members Meeting
August 13 (12:45pm) Family Worship Rehearsals
August 13 (2:00pm) Children Sunday School Teachers Meeting
August 13 Baptismal Membership Applications Due
August 26 (9:30am) LCBC Sports Tournament
August 27 (10:00am) Family Worship Service

1. PASTORAL SEARCH UPDATE: At the July 5 Council Meeting, the Council unanimously approved the Personnel Committee’s motion to call Jonathan Szeto as the Associate Pastor for the English Congregation. A special Question and Answer (Q&A) session will be held with the Search Committee in the MPR after the second worship service on July 23rd. This Q&A session will be to discuss the search and evaluation process. Two weeks later, on August 6, a Special Members’ Meeting will be held after the second worship service to vote (only those members present may vote) on whether or not to confirm Jonathan’s calling to LCBC. To submit your questions for the Search Committee Q&A, please submit any written questions to the box on the East side of the MPR. We continue to ask for your fervent prayers as we seek God’s will and congregational unity in this process.

2. THE LCBC 50TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE T-SHIRT CONTEST continues through July 26th. If you prefer to hand draw your entry, you may do so and then scan it to Please see insert for more details.

3. BASIC AUTO MAINTENANCE WORKSHOP will be held on Saturday, Aug. 5th in the ETC youth room from 9:30-11:30am.

4. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING BAPTIZED OR BECOMING A MEMBER, applications are being accepted for our next baptismal service on Thanksgiving Sunday, November 19th. Please turn in a completed application by August 13th. Membership forms are available on the brochure wall next to the library and in the church office. Please contact Sandra at for more information.

5. LCBC FUNDRAISING SPORTS TOURNAMENT will be held on Saturday, August 26th from 9:30am to 8:00pm: Basketball from 9:30am-12:45pm (8 teams*, 4 players each); Table Tennis from 9:30am-1:45pm (8 teams, 2 players each); Badminton from 2:00pm-15:15pm (8 teams, 2 players each); and Volleyball from 5:30pm-8:00pm (4 Teams, 8 players each). All players requested to make minimum donation of $10 toward LCBC’s Fund Raising Program. Please contact Tom Kwong ( for details/rules and individual/team signups. Signups will close when rosters are filled (first come/first served).

6. THE LCBC PRAYER MINISTRY invites everyone to participate in the celebration of our 50th church anniversary bible verse recitation event and to encourage people to hide God’s word in their hearts. Recitation Scripture: Hebrews 10:19-25 (NASB); How to participate: Memorize the recitation scripture in the NASB version. The recitation will be judged at the east entrance of the MPR on 8/6 and 8/13 Sunday from 10:00 am – 11:00 am to determine the winners. The prize for the first twenty contestants to recite the verses without making a single mistake will receive a pre-paid order form for a free 50th anniversary commemorative T-shirt.