Announcements 6/18/2017

Mark your calendars!
June 19-24 Radiate Missions Trip to LA
June 19 (6:00pm) LCBC Community and Information Center
June 20 (9:00am) Senior Gospel Center
June 23-24(7:30pm) Meet Pastor Jonathan and Miranda Szeto
June 24 (7:30pm) Elevate College Fellowship
June 25 (12:30pm) VBS Crew Leader Training
July 9 (12:30pm) VBS All-Staff Meeting
July 10-14 Vacation Bible School
August 13 (12:45pm) Family Worship Rehearsals
August 13 (2:00pm) Children Sunday School Teachers Meeting
August 27 (10:00am) Family Worship Service

1. NO PRIMARY/JUNIOR WORSHIP, CHILDREN SUNDAY SCHOOL AND NURSERY CARE TODAY. A closed circuit TV will be available in room 103 (Nursery) to broadcast the worship service if you need to bring your child/children out of the MPR. There will be no teacher in the room, so parents must stay with their child/children.

2. COME AND MEET PASTOR JONATHAN AND MIRANDA SZETO! Our prospective candidate for Associate Pastor of the English Congregation will visit with his family Friday, June 23 to Sunday, June 25. An informal meet-n-greets will take place Friday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 7:30 pm in the ETC main lobby. On Sunday, June 25 Pastor Szeto will preach in English service and then visit the other congregations and classes.

3. VBS CREW LEADER TRAINING is scheduled for Sunday, June 25th at 12:30pm in ETC 208-209. This is a mandatory meeting if you have signed up to be a crew leader. Lunch will be provided. Please contact Cendra or Laura if you are unable to make this meeting.

4. VBS ALL-STAFF MEETING is scheduled for Sunday, July 9th at 12:30pm in the MPR. Please make every effort to attend if you are volunteering for VBS. We will spend time in prayer and nailing down details for the week. Lunch will be provided.

5. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL starts in 3 weeks and donations are needed for the event. Please look on the VBS board in the hallway to see what you can purchase. Bring all donated items to the VBS registration table. Thank you!

6. LCBC’s 50TH ANNIVERSARY PLANNING COMMITTEE is busy coordinating events to bring our church together to celebrate. It’s not too late to volunteer to help in the planning. Contact Rodney & Fay Yee or email to find out how you can help.

7. YOU CAN SUPPORT CHURCH EXPANSION IN 2 WAYS: Amazon Referral Program – for those who shop on Amazon, LCBC can receive referral bonuses through your purchases! Start you shopping session using the link: http// and LCBC can get referral bonuses. Items must be added to your cart and purchased in the same browsing session, so items already in your cart when you use the link won’t count. Remember to bookmark this link to use year-round for your personal and work purchases. Bel Air/Raleys Extra Credit Scrip Program – You must be a member of the Something Extra rewards program, click onto Manage Your Account, click onto Extra Credit and under Your Organizations, select Sacramento Chinese Baptist Church (LCBC’s former name) and designate percentage of your purchases that you would like LCBC to receive. Please contact Sandra at for more information. Thank you for your support!