Announcements 4/7/2019

Mark your calendars!

April 8 (6:00pm)                          LCBC Community and Information Center

April 12-13                                 The Gospel Coalition Conference Webcast

April 14 (12:30pm)                       Church Members Meeting

April 19 (7:00pm)                        Good Friday Service

April 20 (11:00am)                       Easter Eggstravaganza Outreach Event

April 21                                      Easter Baptismal Service

April 28 (12:15pm)                       Senior Pastor Transition Townhall Meeting

May 25 (7:00pm)                        Coffee House Outreach


  1. OUR EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA OUTREACH EVENT is coming up on Saturday, April 20 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm! Volunteers are needed to help out in the different areas of this event. For more information, go to the tables in the east wing of the MPR and in front of the ETC building TODAY.  Sign-ups will be available there on Sundays, April 7 and April 14.


  1. CHURCH MEMBERS MEETING is scheduled for next Sunday, April 14th at 12:30pm in the MPR. All church members are encouraged to attend to support our membership candidates’ testimonies.


  1. CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSROOM RELOCATION – We praise God for blessing us with a significant increase in our Children’s Sunday School attendance. In order to accommodate this recent growth and to prepare for our future needs in this ministry, we will be relocating many of the classes to new rooms on April 28. For more detail, please refer to the schedules posted in the MPR and ETC hallways. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Wong, Faye Ong, Patty Tong, Gary Tong, Michael Wong, Phillip Kwong, or Agnes Lau.


  1. BEFORE THE END OF APRIL, the nursery needs two armchairs or a loveseat, baby bouncers, sit-an-play chairs, and a changing table. If you have these items and they are in good condition, please consider donating them to us.  Contact Agnes Lau ( or Faye Ong (


  1. COFFEE HOUSE OUTREACH — on May 25th, 7-9m (Saturday)!  An outreach to saved and unsaved peoples is coming!  An evening of coffee (and other beverages) and light refreshments is punctuated with songs and testimonies by individuals declaring God’s glory!  Please make plans to attend this event (and invite your friends)!  If you have any questions regarding this or are interested in sharing that night, please contact Harry Fong (  More information to come in May.


  1. SENIOR PASTOR TRANSITION: The Personnel Committee intends to make two important motions in the church council meeting on May 8, 2019.
  • We move to make Hubert Ng the Mandarin Pastor effective July 1, 2019
  • We move to make Jonathan Szeto the Senior Pastor effective July 1, 2019

Prior to presenting this motion, the Personnel Committee invites everyone to a townhall meeting on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 12:15 in the ETC to discuss the proposed staff transitions.  If you      have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the members of the Personnel Committee:  Jennifer Yee, Ken Huang or Phil Leung.

7.  PASTOR HUBERT will be taking a 6-month leave of absence from April 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019 due to medical reasons.  Please continue to pray for him that he can have the time to                              rest and recover.  During this time, Pastor Jon will resume the role as interim senior pastor and will oversee all our pastoral team.  The Mandarin congregation will also have the assistance of Pastor Jerry who is retired with many years of experience.  His primary role will be to preach and train our Mandarin congregation for the next 6 months.  Please continue to keep our pastors in your prayers.