English Speaking 英文團契


  • G.A. 女孩實踐

    這個是三年至六年級女孩團契,我們藉著敬拜、禱告、查經,事奉和有趣活動(遊戲及手工) 親近神。我們鼓勵女孩們與未得救的朋友和家人分享福音,在G.A.彼此建立友誼,以及有機會成為領袖。 地點:106室 時間:星期五(第五個星期五及假期除外)晚上7:30-9:30 聯繫: helen@lagunabaptist.org

  • Crusaders 十字軍

    歡迎三年至六年級男孩參加,Crusaders的口號是” 裝備和訓練精兵一生委身去事奉我們的將領—耶穌基督。” 活動包括在教會外聚會、打保玲、鐳射標記及雪糕店;計劃建造、遊戲夜、Nerf 槍,以及有趣的運動挑戰。 團契有禱告時間和以基督或聖經為中心/主題的學習,我們會教導孩子們如何在事奉上過一個祝福他人的人生。 時間:每個月的頭三個星期五晚上7:30-9:30 地點:106室


  • Illumine 光明(高中)

    尋求” 在光明中行”( 約翰一書1:7) 和是世上的光(馬太福音5:14) 這個高中團契名為 Illumine,我們的焦點是小組,請參與我們一起在信心上成長及傳福音。 地點:禮堂 時間:星期五晚上7:30-9:00

  • Co-Koi 聯合(大學)

    Under Construction

  • Roots 生根(初中)

    這個初中事工是要在基督的愛裡建造學生們,使他們 “在他裡面生根建造,信心堅固”( 哥羅西書2:7) 。請來一起享受遊戲和活動,在敬拜中成長,以及研讀神的話語。 地點:臨時班房的南面 時間:星期五晚上7:30-9:00


  • Small Groups

    At Laguna, we believe small groups are to be a prime vehicle for spiritual transformation and growth - of individual, group and community. Meeting times vary. Each small group meets to study the Bible as well as encourage and support one another through prayer and fellowship. For details please contact Steve Wang at lagunabaptistsmallgroups@gmail.com.

  • Joyful Hearts

    JOYFUL HEARTS FELLOWSHIP Theme Verse: Nehemiah 8:10 “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Vision: To provide friendly fellowship for women who desire to grow spiritually by Bible studies, sharing and praying together. Mission: To provide fellowship and Bible study opportunities for ladies of all ages; to develop friendships; and to encourage caring for one another and those in need. Meeting Format: Fellowship meets on the second Thursday of each month at various homes at 10 am. Meeting dates, times and places are announced in the Sunday church bulletins.  

  • Naomi

    Women who are divorced or widowed can find spiritual support. Chinese-speaking single mothers meet together as a group known as the Ruth Fellowship. To get more information, contact jennylam1@aol.com. English-speaking women meet in a group known as the Naomi Fellowship. To get more information, contact evelynchun@gmail.com. Both groups are designed to: Help each woman to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Reach out to single mothers outside the church. Pray for growing and healthy relationships with God and with others. Engage in meaningful activities for single mothers. Monthly meeting times and location are posted on the church bulletin board.